PETER CIPRIANO & GOLD PARK GROUPCommitted to Making a Difference

Founder of Gold Park Group Peter Cipriano proves that success is not only measured by wealth but also by the time one dedicates to bettering the lives of those around him

How would you define a man who creates homes for families for close to 50 years, yet simultaneously gives the majority of his time and efforts back to philanthropic causes that help communities? You would define him as noble and admirable. And you would identify him as Peter Cipriano, founder of Gold Park Group, one of the most respected land developers in Ontario and a man much admired by those who know him best.

“Peter is a very charming and thoughtful man who I don’t think has really been properly acknowledged for everything he has done for so many people and causes in the community,”

says builder Joe Tiano, co-owner of Cassavia Estate Homes along with Pat Fontana, who has known Cipriano for 20 years and done business with him for more than 15 years. “Peter is always out there in the community looking to help others and he has helped so many small businesses grow into big businesses.

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